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About The Artist

I have been creating sculptures for the last twenty-five years. At first using mostly found objects.. farm machinery and chrome car bumpers. Now I'm fabricating using new steel to assemble sculpture with a more delicate feel. OK, I still throw in a few found objects!

The metal is purposely rusted and then sealed to give a durable patina. The cutting and welding are done by hand. No computers are used and no animals were hurt in the process. Well, I may have hurt their feelings. For some reason, they usually end up with a smile on their face.

My work is in galleries and I also show in art shows in the Eastern states. My sculptures are held in private and corporate collections in the US, Canada and Europe.

I used to split my time between being a dentist, race car driver and sculptor. Now I'm doing this full time. America, what a great country!

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